Kanji 見えざる帝国
English Empire of the ...(?)
Leader(s) Vandenreich Leader
Other Members Ivan Azgiaro,
Luders Friegen

The Vandenreich (見えざる帝国; ; ; ) are a group that is preparing for war with Soul Society.[1] The primarily consist of Quincy, but also make use of Arrancar.


Sometime after the defeat of Sōsuke Aizen, the Vandenreich conquered Hueco Mundo,[2] capturing Tier Harribel in the process. They captured numerous Arrancar and pressed them into their service.[3]


The organizational structure of the Vandenreich is not yet clear, but there a central leader based out of their headquarters.[4] In his service, there are a number of subordinates who follow his direct orders.[5]

There is also a separate hunting unit based in Hueco Mundo called the Iacto Arme. In the wake of Hueco Mundo's conquest by the Vandenreich, the Iacto Arme is tasked with capturing Arrancar to serve the Vandenreich.[5] The unit, which is lead by Kirge Opie, rounds up Arrancar and selects which ones to kill and which to take back to become servants of the Vandenreich.[6]


Vandenreich Ice Base

The Vandenreich's base.

The Vandenreich are based out of a large ice encrusted building. This building consists of a thick base with a long stairway leading up the front. On top of this are a series of thick columns supporting a thicker second tier of the building. There is a third tier above this, supported by thinner columns. Surrounding the main building are a number of ice covered round or square towers and two curved structures leaning towards each other, forming an arch-like monument at the front of the building.[7] Inside the building, the Vandenreich Leader has a floating throne, behind which are a series of floating steps leading to a curtained doorway where a prisoner is kept.[2]

Notable Members

(† = confirmed death)

Name Membership Species Status
Vandenreich LeaderLeaderUnknownActive
Ivan AzgiaroSoldierArrancarDeceased †
Luders FriegenSoldierArrancarDeceased †
White Haired VandenreichUnknownActive


Ch486pg17 - Vandenreich squadie uniform

Uniform of low ranked Vandenreich member.

The attire of a typical Vandenreich member consists of a long, white, double-breasted trench coat that features shoulder straps and is tied using a black belt at its waist, which is adorned with a decorative buckle. This is worn over white trousers and white boots. Many lower ranking members of the Vandenreich wear white hats with a crest at the front.[8]


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