Unnamed Male Vandenreich
C497p10 Elder Sternritter
Race Quincy
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Vandenreich
Occupation Member of the Stern Ritter
Team Vandenreich
Personal Status
Primary Skill
Signature Skill Spirit Weapon
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 494

He is a Quincy and a member of the Vandenreich's Stern Ritter.


He has light, swept back hair and a full moustache. He has shallow cheeks and wears thin-framed glasses. His attire consists of a white, shin-length trench which is tied at the waist by a white belt. Under his coat he wears white trousers and white boots.


He is not a very talkative individual, ignoring the words of his opponent, Shunsui Kyōraku and instead leaping straight into action.[1]


The Thousand-Year Blood War arc

C497p11 Sternritter attacks Shunsui

Attacking Shunsui.

Upon receiving the orders of the Vandenreich Leader, he and the other Stern Ritter gather at the Sun Gate and travel to Seireitei in order to participate in the conquest of Soul Society.[2] Once there, he is soon confronted by Captain Shunsui Kyōraku, who has activated his Shikai.[3] Shunsui comments on their ability to steal Bankai and how the Vandenreich are not opponents that can be defeated without Bankai. He suddenly attacks Shunsui, damaging his hat. He then appears behind the captain, momentarily releasing his Quincy: Vollständig, Grimaniel, and shoots Shunsui in his eye.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Hirenkyaku Expert (飛廉脚; ; ; lit. "Flying Screen Step/God Step", Viz translation, "Flying Bamboo-Blind Leg"): He is skilled in the use of this technique, being able to outmanoeuvre Shunsui Kyōraku.[4]

Spirit Weapon

Reishi Weapons: He is able to concentrate spirit energy and particles in order to transform it into a weapon, which manifests in the form of a pistol.[5]

Quincy: Vollständig

C497p11 Grimaniel


Grimaniel (神の歩み (グリマニエル), gurimanieru; ; ; Japanese for "Walk of God"): His Quincy: Vollständig, Grimaniel, grants him various accessories made of Reishi including angelic wings and a halo shaped like the Vandenreich symbol.[6]


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