Hell Chapter Movie

□■□ 劇場版第四弾「地獄篇」初回限定DVD特典の原作者コメント □■□

映画には「製作総指揮」として僕の名前がクレジットされていますが、 本当のことを言えば、この肩書はDVD化する際に外して欲しい、 というお願いをしていました。これは僕自身が本作に対して製作総指揮と 名乗れるほどに貢献できていない、と感じていた為です。 この思いは劇場公開時からあったのですが、編集部をはじめ、 映画の製作委員会側から説得に遭い、外す事はできませんでした

脚本家さんとの打ち合わせを行ったのは 時期的には映画公開の前年の初夏だったかと思います

打ち合わせは白熱し、明け方近くまでアイデアを話し合い 脚本家さんは打ち合わせで出し合ったアイデアをノートにびっしりとメモしていました 非常に面白いものができるという手応えがあり、 この分だと遅くとも冬前には脚本は上がってくるだろうと感じていました しかし結局、僕の所に脚本が回ってきたのは 映画公開年の春になってからでした しかも、その脚本の中には打ち合わせの内容が入っておらず あの打ち合わせの中でだしたアイデアは監督さん、 その他のスタッフには伝わっていなかったようでした

その後も、製作委員会が脚本家さんの交替を決断するなどトラブルが相次ぎ 交替された脚本家さんも頑張って下さいましたが いかんせん時間がありませんでした

一護やコクトー、朱蓮を始め、本作に登場するキャラクター達が BLEACHらしくあったとすれば、それは全て声を入れて下さった 声優の皆さんと、絵をつけて下さったスタッフの皆さんのお陰です 改めて、心からお礼を申し上げます

In this movie I was credited as "Executive Director". However honestly speaking, for the DVD version I want that title to be removed. I already asked them to do so. This is because I feel I didn't participate enough in the production of this movie to warrant such a title.

I already had this feelings since the premier of the theatre version, however when I met with the producer staff to persuade them, the movie was already in the editing process so it couldn't be removed.

I had a meeting with the scriptwriter - I think it was in the year preceding the movie premiere, in early summer.

The meeting was incandescent, and we discussed ideas until nearly dawn. The scriptwriter took careful notes of the ideas that I had contributed jointly during the meeting. The response was that we were able to come up with some very interesting stuff. I had the feeling that before winter at the latest the scenario would be completed - but in the end, the scenario was sent to me only in the spring of the year of the movie premiere. Furthermore, the scenario didn't contain any of the ideas of the meeting... apparently, the notes taken at that time were not transmitted to the director and to the other members of the staff.

Later on, we had some trouble with the production department agreeing to some changes decided by the scriptwriter, and the scriptwriter worked hard with the changes that were made - but unfortunately, there was no more time.

The fact that characters that first made their entry in the original work like Ichigo, Kokutou and Shuuren had a very Bleach-like feeling is thanks to all of the seiyuu that gave them their voices, and to all of the staff that drew them.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.