Template:Bleach Wiki:Zanpakutō Spirit Character Template Mera is a Zanpakutō spirit serving Ōetsu Nimaiya.[1]


Mera has an appearance of a young girl. Her hair is light-colored and stylized into a moehawk. Her eyes have a dark markings at the outer corner. She wears an outfit similar to those of female Rukongai citizens, but with a short skirt.


Mera is a strong-willed and sometimes rude girl who is prone to badmouth Ōetsu for his unreliability despite him being her master. She feels a bit of responsibility for him and often calls him to order.


The Thousand-Year Blood War arc

When Ichigo Kurosaki and Renji Abarai come to Ōetsu's city, she informs her master about it.[2]

Seeing how much her master is messing around with Ichigo and Renji, she finally snaps and kicks him in the head. She then guides them to Hōōden and explains that this place is Ōetsu's real home. She opens the door and lets Ichigo and Renji in.[3] 3 days later Mera observes Ōetsu kick Ichigo out of Royal Palace.[4] The following morning, Mera comes to Karakura Town to take Ichigo back to Ōetsu's palace after he learned about his roots.[5]

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