Contractor Infobox

BK-201's Star (Contractor)
Bleach Xmas food
Alias The Black Reaper,
Li Shengshun,
Li Henshik
Gender Male
Race Human/Contractor
Messier Code BK-201
Ability Molecular Manipulation
Obeisance None
Birthplace China
Relatives Bai (sister)
Professional Status
Former Affiliation Syndicate, EPR, CIA
Team Suou Pavlichenko, Yin, Mao, July
Former Team Huang, Amber, Havoc, Yin, Mao
Partner Yin
Former Partner Bai
Behind The Scenes
First Appearance The Star of a Contract Fell...
Last Appearance Ark of Stars
Japanese Voice Kiuchi Hidenobu
English Voice Jason Liebrecht

Dandelion-infected Character Infobox

Gender Male
Race Contractor
Ability Killing
Birthplace China
Education Self taught
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Secret Agent
Team Mao, Yin, Suou
Partner Yin
Behind The Scenes
First Appearance Chapter 1
Last Appearance Chapter 26

Dolls Infobox

Yin and doll spectres ep14
Real Name Kirsi
Alias July
Gender Male
Race Doll
Birthplace Britain
Relatives None known
Professional Status
Affiliation Hei
Previous Affiliation MI-6
Previous Occupation Spy
Team Hei, Mao, Yin, Suou
Previous Team November 11, April
Partner Hei
Previous Partner November 11
Behind The Scenes
First Appearance Episode something
Last Appearance Ark of the Stars
Japanese Voice ajg
English Voice ango

Human Infobox

Misuzu Oyama Profile
Misuzu Oyama Profile
Alias hr5
Gender rg
Race 4tr
Age 4 4r
Birthplace 45y
Relatives 3467h
Education 6ygg
Professional Status
Affiliation 65gt
Former Affiliation 4y544yh
Occupation 46y5yht
Former Occupation ewy 4wy4
Team wy e
Former Team ewywrh
Partner ewyh
Former Partner eyh
Behind The Scenes
First Appearance rhh
Last Appearance eh
Japanese Voice qetywfegrhtgrwfggggggqfggggg
English Voice esh

Moratoria Infobox

Mai eye Moratoria
Gate Flower Ep3
Alias 3y
Gender 3y
Race y3
Messier Code y3
Ability y3
Obeisance 3y
Age 3y
Birthplace 3y
Relatives y3
Education y3
Professional Status
Affiliation q3y
Occupation q3
Team hd
Partner he
Behind The Scenes
First Appearance egh
Last Appearance sdh
Japanese Voice eg
English Voice eqgadsfdghfgjhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa