This is a draft timeline page for the Darker than Black Wikia. It will be divided in to four sections:

  1. Historical - Events prior to the start of the series
  2. The Black Contractor - events set during the first anime series
  3. Manga/OVA/Gaiden - Events set between the first and second anime series, including the OVAs and manga
  4. Gemini of the Meteor - Events set in the second anime series


50 years ago:

  • The Syndicate is formed in response to the appearance of the Mikata Documents.

Unknown time ago:

  • Heaven's Gate appeared in South America.
  • Yin's Mother is killed saving Yin from being run over by a truck.
  • Mao loses his human body in an explosion while he is possessing a black cat.

10 years ago:

  • Hell's Gate appeared in Tokyo, the moon and stars vanished and were replaced by a false, moonless sky. Contractors and Dolls appear for the first time.

5 years ago:

Over 3 years ago:

3 years ago:

The Black Contractor

  • Hei arrives in Tokyo.[1]
  • Havoc is found in Romania by November 11, April and July. She is transported to Japan, but enroute to PANDORA is kidnapped by Hei and subsequently killed by November 11.
  • The Meteor Fragment is stolen. Hei infiltrates PANDORA to smuggle it out.
  • Three weeks later, Amber is spotted in Tokyo by April, who is then injured in explosion.
  • Amber meets with Yin and Hei.
  • Amber meets with Mao, November 11 and Robert Schroeder.
  • The EPR is framed for an attempt to bomb the American Embassy as part of plot by the Syndicate to access the embassy.
  • EPR acquires a number of Dolls to use in a surveillance network.
  • The Saturn Ring is destroyed by Hei during the Tokyo Explosion incident.[2]



  • Hei leaves Tokyo with Yin, heading to Okinawa to catch a boat off of Japan. Yin is abducted by a Syndicate cell, but is rescued by Hei.[3]
  • Hei arrives in Hong Kong where he establishes contact with Qin and uses him to lure out operatives trying to take Yin. He is rescued by Amagiri and EPR remnants.[4]
  • Robert Schroeder shows his anti-Contractor weapon to Sawasaki. Goro Kobyashi sends Mina Hazuki and Sawasaki to Hong Kong in search of Izanami.[4]
  • Hei, Yin and Qin rest at EPR's hideout. Xi-Qi abducts Yin, whose awakening powers kill most of the EPR Contractors.[5]
  • Hei and The Dog attempt to rescue Yin. Xi-Qi is killed, Yin's powers awaken. Yin asks Hei to kill her but he refuses. Yin's awakening stops.[6]
  • Hei returns to Hong Kong and starts drinking, he is recruited to the CIA by Orielle.[6]

Gemini of the Meteor

GotM takes place 13 years after appearance of Hell's/Heaven's Gate.

  • During the Tokyo Explosion incident, the Pavlichenko family witness a large number of stars falling, before a meteor crashes near their camp site in Siberia.[7]
  • April infiltrates the Pavlichenko home posing as Bella, a scientist.[7]

2 years After Tokyo Explosion

  • August 7 and July arrive to support April.[7]
  • Tanya becomes a Contractor and leaves with the Russian military.[7]
  • The FSB raids the Pavlichenko home. Suou and April flee[7]
  • April kills Mao's cat body and Goran, before being killed by Hei.[7]
  • Mina Hazuki, Genma Shizume and Yōko Sawasaki arrive in Russia to monitor the Pavlichenko household.[7]
  • Tanya's friends have their memories modified by Russian Intelligence.[8]
    • Hei tracks down Suou and saves her from the Russian Military and Genma.[8]
  • Mina, Genma and Yōko use the Anti-Contractor device on Hei, causing his power to transfer to Suou.[8]

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