BLEACH Spirits Are Forever With You is a two part novel by Ryohgo Narita.

Bleach Spirits Are Forever With You I

BLEACH Spirits Are Forever With You
June 4 2012
(ISBN : 978-4-08-703265-9[1])

Bleach Spirits Are Forever With You I is volume one of a two volume novel by Ryohgo Narita. Volume one is 288 pages long.

Bleach Spirits Are Forever With You II

BLEACH Spirits Are Forever With You
June 4 2012
(ISBN : 978-4-08-703266-6[2])

Bleach Spirits Are Forever With You II is the concluding edition of a two volume novel by Ryohgo Narita. Volume one is 496 pages long.


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Narita san kindly tweeted new information about his novel that was allowed to be revealed by the person-in-charge.

Narita Tweet Quote:

"It is Shounen Jump's release date and information on the Bleach novel is contained in it, but let me supplement it.
The story of the '8th generation Kenpachi', and the 'story in connection to Mayuri' are contents which are in my novel, as for Matsubara san's (although I cannot reveal the details of which from my own mouth) it seems to be a story with a different content. I am also excited about Matsubara san's writing for the 17 unknown months!
Incidentally, I have revealed some various keywords but it is not a collection of short stories, but rather about one big incident. The stage I was able to write, adding the few paged scenes include: All of Karakura chou, Seireitei, 8th underground prison (eternal -Aizen prison-), Rukongai, HM desert, Las Nochces, Dangai (Senkaimon and Garganta).
And of course, the main character is Don Kanonji! For the other appearing characters aside from 8th Gen Kenpachi and Mayuri, I will be happy if you wait for further report. When I asked the person-in-charge, he/she said that what I can reveal is only up to this point. 'Isn't it weird that the 8th Gen is alive?' For the answer to these kinds of questions, please read the book!
Also, it was put as an announcement in Jump but what I wrote is also part of the '17 months, from when Kurosaki Ichigo lost his powers to before he meets Ginjou'. I will be happy if you will imagine this to be what happened between volume 48 and volume 49."

Spoiler 1

  • Translation by czeliate of BA

The 1st spoiler starts off with captains meeting. Yamamoto shouted "this is an emergency situation!" All captains gathered in the 1st division barrack except Ukitake, Zaraki Kenpachi and Kurotsuchi Mayuri. Ukitake is absent due to illness while Zaraki Kenpachi and Kurotsuchi Mayuri are absent with no reasons. Soi Fon then began to report, she says something like "According to the investigation of Omnitsukido, 'Mugen’ prisoner Azashiro Kenpachi's dissapearence has been confirmed. There is no sign of evidence or traces indicating that Aizen Sousuke escapes from prison, at the moment, all members from patrol team have received the order to search for Azashiro.”

  • ps: Mugen is the 8th underground prison, the same prison where Aizen was sent to.

There were 5 of them whose expression/reaction changes including the 4th division captain Unohana Retsu, 8th division captain Kyoraku Shunsui and the recent returning captains Hirako Shinji, Rojuro Otoribashi and Murguruma Kensei. It happens about more than 200 years ago when Azashiro was imprisoned in 'Mugen' where he was guilty of high treason. Shinji, Rose and Kensei were seated officers when this case happened. Unohana didn't expect to hear the name soo soon and Kyoraku went silent, thinking. Before that, he remembers the case where he sees an arrancar girl at the Ugendo Quarters, he had a feeling it might be related to the case of Azashiro escaping from prison.

While Kyoraku had a thought about the case, other captains started the conversation. Hitsugaya says he doesn't know who is (Azashiro), and he ask about 'Kenpachi', Byakuya then began to explain.

'Kenpachi' is the title given to the person who defeats predecessor, in other words there will be no 2 kenpachi exist at the same time. Yamamoto then continues, he said, however, Azashiro Kenpachi is an exception, he became the 8th generation after defeating the 7th generation Kuruyashiki Kenpachi, since then no one was able to defeat him, until he committed a crime and was imprisoned in 'Mugen', he was considered to be non-existing. Hence the vice captain of 11th Division at that time was promoted to become the 9th generation, and then Kyoraku added the 9th generation was then cut down by Kiganjou, who came from Rukongai. Then the current,Zaraki Kenpachi that we know.

He also mentions that both Azashiro and Zaraki were special, as everyone doesn't know the name of Zaraki's sword, but Azashiro, doesn't have a sword. In correction, he should have a Zanpakuto, however no one has ever seen it.

Komamura then ask if it has the same illusion ability like Aizen Sousuke's Kyouka Suigetsu. Yamamoto says it might be possible but Azashiro never once revealed the secret, even in the pursuit of Central 46, his answer is always "you have already seen it"

Kyoraku then stated because 'Kenpachi' is a name given to the strongest Shinnigami, hence they are very wilful, like the 10th generation Kiganjou who often ignores the intention/the purpose of captains meeting or Central 46, they are selfish. In other words, being a 'Kenpachi' is like a priviledged class in Seireitei, as Kyoraku says this while staring at the shadow of his hat, as if he is talking to himself alone,turning back the past.

"...I guess, Azashiro kun became the 'Kenpachi' because of this "

  • Translation/transcript: blackstrawberry, BA [1]

Narration: "Bleach" final-release "Missing Link Project" Starts!!

Revealing Narita-sensei's novel, which features the period of 17 months of vol. 48~49, in the 4th issue of Jump.

-Emergency special report-

The 17 month-long truth post Ichigo's loss of reiryoku is now revealed!!

"Spirits Are Forever With You" Vol. 01

Narration: The place is the 1st division waiting room, where the 13 captains gather.

(If I were to make the translation smoother, it would be: "The story takes place at the 1st division waiting room, where the 13 captains gather.")

The threat nears the Soul Society-------------

7 minutes after (presumably the time after the person's escape), 1st division waiting room

Captain-Commander: It's an urgent situation!

Narration: Following a loud thump, caused by the captain commander striking the floor with the end of his staff, Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni let out his voice around the inner parts of the waiting room. The people who were gathered here are the captains who were gathered for an emergency. Regardless of the absence of disease-stricken Ukitake, Kenpachi and Mayuri, who were both absent for no reason at all, and even with the faces of the regular-attendees made the place utterly defenseless. Because even the time it takes to wait for the other captains to make their arrival at the place seemed wasteful, Genryusai began the captain's meeting. Having answered Genryusai's glare, Soi Fon released her report coolly.

Soi Fon: According to the investigation engaged by Onmitsukido, the treasonous sinner, Azashiro Kenpachi's presence has affirmed to have vanished from the 'Mugen. Starting with the Aizen Sousuke to other convicts, there's no signs of their escapement. Presently, the order has been given unto every squad members for Azashiro's search.

Narration: Azashiro Kenpachi. The ones who had their expressions changed were the following: Unohana Retsu, the captain of the 4th division, Shunsui Kyoraku, the captain of the 8th division, and Hirako Shinji, Ootoribashi Rose, Muguruma Kensei, who were restored to their respective captain ranks in recent times, thus totaling five.

Hirako: My my, an extremely nostalgic name popped up. That's the guy who had been captured before I became the captain.

Rose: Yes, it's the event that's been 200 years already.

Kensei: Was it the time back when we became seated officers? That bastard erupted a rebellion or some shit and were sent to Mugen as a result.

Narration: In contrast to Hirako's gang, who seemed to be talking about a person from the long-forgotten past, Unohana, who has held the title of captain longer than they, was mumbling while her expression was drenched in her shadow.

Unohana: Azashiro Kenpachi....To think that that name would be heard at a time as early as now.

Narration: Meanwhile, Kyoraku, keeping his silence, thinks while he lowers his hat beneath his face.

Kyoraku: This is really bad. As expected, was that child an ominous premonition to come?

Narration: Kyoraku gave out a long sigh, as he thought about the arrancar girl he saw at the Ugendo shortly before. No.......It's rather natural to think that there's a connection between the two events than to believe that it was a mere coincidence that it happened following the prior one. Other captains talked to one another, while Kyoraku immersed himself in his own thoughts.

Toshiro: It's a bastard whom I am not aware of. "Kenpachi," what joke is this? Or is this a mere coincidence?

Narration: As Hitsugaya Toshiro mumbled while putting on a blunt expression on his face, Kuchiki Byakuya, too, with a blunt expression, answered his question.

Byakuya: Certainly, the name, "Kenpachi," is a name that's inherited by defeating the previous name-holder in a duel....There cannot be a situation where two people with the name, "Kenpachi" walking and alive in the same time-period.

Narration: Following Byakuya's words, Genryusai opened his mouth.

Captain-Commander: That's correct. That very exception is Azashiro Kenpachi.

Narration: Having opened his eyes slightly, the captain-commander began to talk with a heavier tone.

Captain-Commander: He inherited the name after having felled Kuruyashiki Kenpachi, the 7th, in a duel.......He, however, was not cut down by anyone. After he had committed the grave crime, his very existence had been buried deep inside the prison, Mugen, the vice-captain of 11th of that time had been made into the 9th Kenpachi in order to keep the Kenpachi name alive.

Narration: Naturally following the previous person's story, Kyoraku, who had released himself from his thoughts, began to talk to Hitsugaya Toshiro, and to other captains.

Kyoraku: That 9th had been cut down by the strong one of the Rukongai, who had called himself Kiganjou. The one who had defeated that strong of the strong Kiganjou is Kenpachi-captain of the present time.

Toshiro: Let me ask you by skipping the formality. From your viewpoint, is that bastard called, "Azashiro," more cumbersome than Zaraki?

Narration: To Hitsugaya, who was questioning while keeping his eyes opened keenly, Kyoraku rubbed his chin with a crooked smile on his face.

Kyoraku: Even if you were to ask something without the formalities, that's a bit......Both Azashiro, the previous captain, and captain Zaraki are too special. More than anything, we don't even know the names of their zanpakuto's. And as for Azashiro-kun, we haven't even seen his sword.

Toshiro: Sword? By, "sword," do you mean to say, "shikai?"

Kyoraku: No, that's exactly what it means. He didn't keep it with him. The zanpakuto, that is. "To explain this in a specific manner, he, indeed, kept his zanpakuto, but it was not seen by our eyes," something like that, or at least that's how the story goes.

Narration: In reaction to Kyoraku's words, the 7th division captain, Komamura Saijin, who was keeping his silence, raised his beastly ears and opened his mouth.

Komamura: Could it be.......that it's an illusion-type zanpakuto such as Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu?

Kyoraku: That's certainly possible, however, he has never revealed that secret. Even at the urges of the Central 46, he refused to say anything further with a simple line, "I've already shown it."

Toshiro: That Central 46 ended the ordeal with only that?

Narrataion: As if he had a certain viewpoint about the Central 46, Hitsugaya asked as though he was surprised. Kyoraku, having affirmed Hitsugaya's surprised question as something acceptable, he gave an answer while he sighed.

Kyoraku: The thing that allows such arbitrariness is the name, "Kenpachi." Kiganjou-kun, who was 10th, too, on many occasions, had the aspect of ignoring call for a captain's meeting or the will of the Central 46.

Toshiro: That's not just the level of arbitrariness.........

Kyoraku: Anyways, the point is the name, "Kenpachi," is a kind of special rank in the realms of Seireitei.

Narration: Looking at the skies under the shadow of his hat, Kyoraku mumbled on as though he was looking back at his past.

Kyoraku: Now that I think about it, Azashiro-kun could have become the Kenpachi for the purpose of seeking after, "it."

Narration: Azashiro, the disappeared 8th Kenpachi as well as the one without the sword. Treasonous sinner Azashiro Kenpachi.....The past that Kyoraku alone looks back....All the facts are to be revealed from the novel!

Spoiler 2

  • takes place in the 8th underground prison call: Mugen
  • the criminal Azashiro Kenpachi met Aizen, Aizen knows his name. They have a very polite, very calm conversation.
  • Azashiro then tells the woman (on cover2) to keep quiet, they continue their conversation and when Azashiro said "I wasn't expecting you to be defeated by Kurosaki Ichigo", dat woman strikes again. she says something like "huh? you expect him to be stopped by zero squad?" or similar, then added "in the end Aizen didn't even make it to the zero squad"lol. She then told Azashiro that his expectation were far too off, he must be very embarrassed..then she laughs again.
  • in the end Azashiro express his gratitude towards Aizen, Aizen then says he will make an expectation from Azashiro's action base on the question that Azashiro ask him, and also to keep away from boredom.
  • 7th generation kenpachi's name is 刳屋敷 (from 2ch) Koyashiki/Yashiki/Kookofu
  • Translation/transcript: blackstrawberry, BA, [2]

Narration: The 2nd part of the "Bleach" full-release plan, "Missing Link Project."

Who is the one whom Aizen, who was captured after the final battle of "Ichigo vs. Aizen," had met in the prison?

Narration: 4-weeks straight!!! The grand chapter that Narita-sensei unfolds.

Comment: I've stressed upon Kannonji, Aizen, or the woman who had donned the skull mask from the right illustration page about many things. I appeal my thanks to Kubo-sensei, who had granted me of such honor. I will work hard so that you, readers, can enjoy my kind of Bleach.

Mugen, the endless darkness, where the treasonous sinner, Aizen Sousuke, had been confined.

Narration: Aizen Sousuke.

The one who is shinigami and at the same time the king of hollows.

By anointing himself as the conqueror of the Hueco Mundo and having acquired the powers of hogyoku, the treasonous sinner had made an attempt to fell the Spirit King. Starting with the Kurosaki Ichigo and at the hands of shinigami, his ambitions had been crushed; now he had been thrown into the Mugen with the body of an immortal. Sokyoku, the tool for executing shinigami, had been destroyed. Even if such a tool had been kept, however, killing Aizen, who had acquired the body of an immortal, is impossible. He, having been restrained by bakudo, not only his hands and feet, but both his eyes, ears mouth, and even the sense of his skin, is now captured by the darkness deeper than the darkness itself. But, the portion of his senses are released without a cause. Without any warning, the seal over one of his eyes, ears, and his mouth was cancelled out, thus the portion of the cloth that which had been used as a means of medium for the Kido had fallen off. What had been reflected in the eye that had arisen from beneath the black cloth was the absolute darkness. However, a soft light emerged and appeared from that darkness. A torch, something that cannot exist within the realms of Mugen, had been radiating light unto his chair-bound self. The body which had been fused with the hogyoku had quickly adjusted his eye, an eye which had not seen light ever since his imprisonment. Then, Aizen noticed a man standing in front of the torch. Even when seeing something that which should not be seen under normal circumstances, there's no signs of surprise or defeat in Aizen's eyes. Rather, as if he had been expecting things to turn out like this, he calmly displayed a thin smile on his face and went on to mumble.

Aizen: My, should I say something like, "It's a pleasure to meet a senior convict?"

Narration: Fluent words. For a normal person, if his mouth gets sealed for over a year, it takes some time for that person to regain senses to his tongue or neck, and at first it would be hard to make sounds out of his neck even.

Narration: There's no change from the time before his confinement, any resentment in himself being confined, and not even remorse for what he has done, however, in Aizen's speech. With a natural stance, Aizen pointed an eye that may see through everything towards the man before him.

Aizen: What should I refer to you as, my friend; by Azashiro Soya, your original name, or respectfully the title that is granted to the greatest shinigami in the Soul Society?

Narration: Aizen, whose entire body is still sealed, and the man before him, who is not bound in any manner at all; undeniably, the latter would be in an advantageous situation. Aizen, with no signs of cowering before the man, as though he has seized control of the place, took the name of the man lightly.

Aizen: 8th captain of the 11th division........Azashiro Kenpachi.

Narration: Azashiro Kenpachi. A woman who draped herself with a white clothing has put out her face from the back of the man who had his name called onto by Aizen.

Woman: Kyhaa! Kyhahaha! Would you look at this! This bastard! This bastard called Aizen! He never becomes anxious! His mood suddenly became brighter! His eye, ear, and mouth suddenly became free! The feeling of extreme relaxation!? Is this the power of the hogyoku? This is quite a catch. Awesome! Steal it from him, the hogyoku! If it's Ken, it's possible, right? By slicing this bastard's body from the tip of his feet to the blood vessels of the back of his eye deeply, that is; by tearing reishi entirely with nothing but the powers of hogyoku left for you to steal! Kyhahahaha! Kyhahahahahahaha!

Narration: Letting out the sounds of her tongue, woman laughed frantically in her joy. Aizen, however, has kept a thin smile on his face without responding to the woman's abnormal taunts. Keeping his eyes opened slightly, Azashiro mumbled on with a voice only the woman could hear.

Azashiro: You stay quiet.

Narration: Then, turning his attention away from the woman, whose hands have covered her mouth in an exaggerated manner, to Aizen, he answered with a softer voice.

Azashiro: If you know about me, it would make the story pleasantly short.

Narration: Without introducing himself, Azashiro composedly spoke.

Azashiro: To make sure that I don't get an answer that has no value, I will say this before we begin......I do not take an interest in the sins you've committed, nor do I care for the power of the hogyoku. I only want to ask you of a few things about the outside.

Aizen: Isn't this an overestimation? (By "overestimation," he means the knowledge that Aizen himself possesses of the outside world.) To the man, who would see everything that happens in the Seireitei and whom Kyoka Suigetsu would be rendered useless, I see nothing to tell.

Narration: Azashiro, too, did not think of Aizen, displaying lax attitude, as obnoxious and, again, went on to question him.

Azashiro: What I want to ask you of is the knowledge beyond the realms of Seireitei. Even if I were to sound disrespectful, you being defeated by Kurosaki Ichigo was something unexpected. I will eventually go on to ask about this event as well.

Narration: Then, the woman whirled her arms around Azashiro in a flirty manner while she snorted.

Woman: Kyhit! You had told me, "Aizen's assault will be put to an end by the zero division, with a serious expression!? After all, he didn't make it to the zero division's blockade. Aizen! You must be embarrassed at the fact that your expectations did not meet your quota. You know, tell me about what you are thinking right now. Thanks? Pwhahaha!?

Narration: The woman of the white cloth was hurled instantly onto the floor near where Aizen was. Aizen, however, did not turn his sight to the place where the woman had fell, but the floor in front of himself to answer Azashiro, who had told Aizen, "I want to hear about your defeat.", while he snickered.

Aizen: Ah, defeat. If I were to bring up the chaos I'd felt at the time of my defeat, I can admit that that, too, in its own ways, could have been a meaningful experience. You should experience it as well.

Azashiro: The feeling of defeat cannot be understood by the one such as myself.

Aizen: To you, that may be the case. Do you have the desire to discuss about the difference between each viewpoints?

Azashiro: No, I do not wish to continue to talk about meaningless things.

Narration: Azashiro had stopped Aizen's talks with a claim that Aizen's story "held no meaning" to itself. Aizen, having heard such an answer of his, as if he was happy, twisted his cheek and opened his mouth.

Aizen: I do not mind. I will go along with your questions, for a while.

Azashiro: Thank you. For you, it is a meaningless deal.

Narration: Treasonous sinner showed thanks to the innocent gratitude of a treasonous sinner. Aizen, however, as if he was rejecting his gratitude, turned his attention upwards and said.

Aizen: That isn't so. ........By hearing the details of your questions, I will get to kill time by expecting your actions and results.

Narration: Next issue, too, have been decided to reveal a part of the novel. We've been waiting restlessly!? That character makes an appearance!! Posted on the 25th issue of the Weekly Jump!! The details for that is an episode where a character from the canon sequence meets with an original character from the roof of a certain building!!

Spoiler 3

  • Translation by czeliate of BA [3]

the third spoiler is about Don Kanonji meeting with the nurse. It started with him driving a car and felt something, sort of.. a spider? He stop at one place, a place where he remembers that friends once call him a hero. Later he went into a ruined hospital (he sense something maybe?), up to the rooftop, he saw a sad looking half skull masked woman (the nurse). As usual, Don Kanonji introduced himself "buhahaha! Spirit are always with ahyoouu!!", the nurse is frightened by his introduction(obviously ) then Don kanonji grabs her hand and says something like "hello there beautiful lady, don't be afraid because I'm your friend", trying to eased her... and the story goes on.

Spoiler 4

  • Translation by tenshi no hane of BA [4]

Soul Society is shaken by the attack of a mysterious Arrancar----

The person who appears at the Research and Development Institute is----

Amongst the researchers there was no one who could’ve predicted "this" beforehand.

Though perhaps the Institute’s president, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, could have predicted "it" if he had closely examined "it".

But Mayuri was currently absent because of a trial and to the ones who didn’t know what "this" was there was no reason to closely examine the change of reiatsu in the air.

"It" was floating in Soul Society’s airspace --- Far thinner than the silk thread of a silkworm: an invisible thread of Negación. No one in the Institute knew of its existence and it proceeded to stretch out and crawl into the institution.

As if watching the tendrils of a morning glory grow at high speed, the thread of Negación stretched out further and further, staying glued to the walls.

But when it entered a room filled with countless computer units and hastily working researchers, the thread stopped moving.

And then ----

"Oh, for the love of--, what’s up with these Arrancars!? They don’t seem to be taking along weak Hollows and all of their movements are out of control!"

In contrast to Hiyosu and his shouts of frustration, Akon muttered calmly as he looked at the footage that was sent in.

"It really looks like a meeting of little brats."

"Oooh, there are some cute girls too! I wonder if we can capture a few of them alive..."

Niko, eyes shining behind his glasses, muttered inappropriate comments but his hands slid over the keyboard at a high speed as he processed the incoming data.

The other members also analysed the data with their hands and eyes while letting their mouths move fluently.

"Speaking of female Arrancars, what happened to that weird Hollow in Karakura Town? This group of Arrancars also came via Karakura Town. Is there any connection?"

"Kurumadani is tenacious when it comes to reports, isn’t he? It hasn’t been settled yet. The President got interested and tried to send Nemu-san over there to investigate but then he got called to court.."

Akon scolded the members for having such conversations.

"That’s enough pointless talk. In this situation the trial will be dropped anyway. Hurry up and collect all the data before the President comes ba---!?"

At that moment a chill ran down Akon’s spine and his words got stuck in his throat.

They noticed it.

Somewhere in this observation room an ominous reiatsu was welling up.

Then, the member with the lowest reiatsu sensory skills started shouting while looking at his monitor.

"!? That's impossible...! A large hollow reading somewhere inside Seireitei! Ah.... It's an Arrancar! Its location... is...."

His entire body froze as he shouted. At the exact moment he finished double-checking the information on his monitor, he felt the sensation that filled the entire room.

"Wha... Its location... I-It’s inside this.... room."

The members all broke into a cold sweat and no one in the room made a single move.

But from a desk at the back of the room came the sound of someone steadily typing away at a keyboard.

None of the members were typing. After all, that desk was the President’s desk. There was no member so suicidal as to dare use the President’s computer. And of course the reiatsu pouring out from there was completely different from the President’s reiatsu.

When the members, Akon first, slowly looked towards the desk---

A final pang rang through the room as the typing stopped and the man who was suddenly sitting behind the desk opened his mouth with a small smile.

"Oh my.... The man who killed me is this place’s President?"

Staring at the data on the monitor the male Arrancar with a glasses-shaped mask spoke to the members in a voice that made his intelligence apparent.

"H-hey, he..."

"He’s the specimen that was kept in the back of the warehouse, preserved in fluid....?"


The moment he heard that single word, the Arrancar narrowed his eyes and suddenly started yelling with an ever so small smile lingering on his lips.

"Specimen....Ha! I became a specimen! Though it’s true I lost for the moment, that is simply a disgrace beyond all imagination! Be it as a corpse, my body actually ended up on the observed side!"

This is bad.

Akon pondered to himself as he watched the unstable-looking Arrancar.

That specimen and this guy are the same person.... If I assume he’s "something" that at least possesses the same powers...
He... was one of the Espada, wasn’t he?

{ Sz... }

Nearly at the same time that Akon and the others remembered the name written on the specimen’s label, the Arrancar slowly rose from his seat.

"How about you show me that "specimen" right now? After all, it’s extremely rare to get a chance to observe my own corpse. Well, I don’t clearly remember the moment when I died in the Living World."

Post-Release Mutterings of what's in it

  • Privaron Espada numbers:
    • 100-Szayel
    • 101-?
    • 102-Picaro (Arrancar kids)
    • 103-Dordonii
    • 104-?
    • 105-Sanderwicci
    • 106-?
    • 107-Ganteinbenne
  • Kenpachi has gotten stronger since his fights with Nnoitra and Yammy. His new eye patch absorb more reiatsu than his previous one.
  • Azashiro was so powerful that the Royal Guards were task with capturing him the first time
  • Shino Academy teaches bad and out dated info to its students, leading to students believing that only Royal Guard members could defeat a Menos Grande.
  • the 7th Kenpachi was invited to become a Royal Guard but he declined
  • Nurse Arrancar has a spider-like Eesureccion
  • Szayel has a new resureccion form


Warning: This is just a comment/spoiler provided by Japanese fans, it could be a fake one, but 7th gen, シエン, and 8th gen's info sounds ok as other bloggers also mention it.

207 :小说のネタバレです!注意!:2012/06/02(土) 14:43:19.39 ID:axUPZz66P 小说の内容で强さ议论に関系しそうなものだけ ちょこちょこまとめておきます


零番队に勧诱されるほどの猛者。 その卍解、饿乐廻廊は半径数霊里(カラクラ町の数倍)にある 生物・非生物まとめて粉々にする规格外のものだが 使用すると半年解放出来なくなる诸刃の剣。 使えばたぶん痣城に胜っていたらしいが 周りに享楽や11番队らがいて使わなかった。

46室によって瀞霊邸での使用を禁じられているが 始解でも圧倒的に强いので问题なしらしい。 Kuruyashiki Kenpachi (7th Generation Kenpachi)

A stalwart that induced by zero squads. (don’t know how to translate) His bankai “饿乐廻廊” ability is to destroyed/crushed all living things and non living things within the area of certain radius ( several times bigger than Karakura Town). But once he have use it, he can’t release it within half a year (meaning, he only can use his bankai once every 6 months) During his battle with Azashiro Kenpachi, Shunsui and 11th division members were there, so he did not use his bankai. According to 46 chamber, his bankai is forbidden in Sereitei, but the problem is his shikai is extremely powerful as well.

212 :小说のネタバレです!注意!:2012/06/02(土) 15:19:46.85 ID:axUPZz66P シエン

ザエルアポロのバックアップにして完全に别人の十刃落ち。 分离していたイールフォルトの情报を取り込むことで 超獣ヤミーを越える力を取り戻す。最初期十刃のナンバー0 地狱のザエルアポロを食うまでは 不完全な存在なので戦いすぎると体が崩れていく。 剣八とハイテンションで戦っているとき、 暴走悪魔莓と同等の霊圧があると石田が证言した。 (シエン) Shien? who?

Szayel apporo’s complete backup person (?) who was once an espada. He acquires information from Illforde that can surpass the power of Yammy- 0 espada. Among the espada in the beginning , the number is 0. After eating up Szayel Apporo- who has fallen to hell, his body will collapses during the battle because his presence is still incomplete. Ishida says during his battle with Kenpachi, his reiatsu is the same as Hichigo.

Thanks Ishida XD Quote Originally Posted by Ishida View Post so Szayel is not the real Szayel but a Shien. I wonder is Shien is just japanese for Cien which is spanish for a hundred. From one of the pics. Szayel had the tattoo of 100 on his eyeball. Being 100 or Cien makes him a Privaron Espada. 213 :小说のネタバレです!注意!:2012/06/02(土) 15:28:56.75 ID:axUPZz66P 痣城剣八(八代目剣八)

卍解能力は『融合』そしてその规模は瀞霊邸全体なため 全ての状况を见透かし会话も闻けるしどこにでも出现可能。 さらには空気中から刃を作り出しノーモーションで敌を斩杀できる。 (例えば相手が始解しようとした瞬间その舌を切断するなんてのも可能) 生体融合による敌の内部破壊は拒绝反応で自分にもダメージが及ぶ奥の手。 刳屋敷剣八はその初手でなんとか倒した。

防御面に関しては、痣城自身が空気と融合しているため斩撃が通じない。 过去に队长格含めた死神(浮&享の二人はいない)を まとめてフルボッコにしたが自身は伤一つつかなかった。 ただし零番队の介入に気がついて自首した。队长とはやはり次元が违うらしい。

拟骸の口と手を空间に出现させることにより 一刀火葬・黒棺クラスの上级鬼道を数百にも及ぶ数で同时咏唱可能。 また、暴走悪魔莓と同等の霊圧を持つシエンと剣八の戦いを见ても 「この程度か。ならば、まだ私の有利は动かない」 と言い放った。 弱点は弓亲やクインシーの霊圧吸収の巻き添えでもダメージを受けること。 卍解中は锻錬ができないので本人の身体的なスペックが低いこと。 一度融合を解くと瀞霊邸を全て支配するのに1年はかかることなど。 完全催眠の违和感に気づいて看破するのに2日かかっている。 Azashiro Kenpachi ( the 8th Generation Kenpachi)

His bankai ability is (融合) “fusion/merge” , and the area is the entire of Sereitei hence he is able to see through all situation and to hear everyone’s conversation. Besides, he can produced a blade/razor from the air, killing his enemy with no motion. (eg: the moment his enemy releases shikai, he chops down his enemy’s tongue) Finally, he has an ultimate attack call “ living body fusion” (生体融合), by opposing his enemy he can destroy his enemy’s internal body, an attack that even can damage himself. Kuruyashiki Kenpachi was defeated by this attack. As for defensive, Azashiro can fused with the air, hence all the slash from his enemy has no effect on him. Every captain class shinigami from the past attacks him with their move (not include Uki and Shun), but Azashiro did not receive any injuries. However, he surrendered when noticing an intervation from the Zero squads. It seems like there is a different level between the Zero squad and Captain. Because he can imitate/copy his mouth and hands within each spaces, he is able to chant hundreds of “ittokaso”, “kurohitsugi” level kido at the same time. Also, when he saw the battles betweenシエン(Shien) who has the same reiatsu as hichigo and Kenpachi, he says : “only this level? Well then, I have the advantageous”. His weakness is the involvement of Yumichika and Quincy’s reiatsu absorption which he will receive the damage. (unsure of this part) Due to low physical specs, he is unable to train in his bankai. (again not sure) He takes about 1 year to fully understand and to dominate sereitei. He takes about 2 days to sees through Kyouka Suigetsu.

215 :小说のネタバレです!注意!:2012/06/02(土) 15:58:53.56 ID:axUPZz66P 更木剣八(十一代目剣八)

相手の强さに合わせて自分のレベルを调整する。、 爱染が崩玉を覚醒させて不灭の肉体を持つまでは 戦うべきではないと判断して隔离作をとったほどの强さ。 また、痣城の更木に対する胜率は1割だと予测する。

シエンは自分と戦っているこの剣八なら バラガンの呪いを切り裂りさくこともできるし スタークの牙も臓腑に届くこともないと断言。 事実、シエンが无数の剣八のミニチュアを作り 内蔵の远隔破壊をしようとするも ミニチュアの内蔵自体が异常に硬くて伤一つつかなかった。

终盘の痣城戦では数百にも及ぶ多重一刀火葬を受けても たいしたダメージは与えられないレベルとなった。 ついには空気と融合しているはずの痣城を 空気ごと切ってダメージを与え、 刳屋敷を倒した生体融合をも霊圧のみで打ち破った。

痣城が瀞霊邸との融合を解除して双极を遥かに上回る矛をつくり出し、 剣八がそれを両手で迎え撃ったとき、 一般队士たちは両者の霊圧をまったく感じられなくなっていた。


Zaraki Kenpachi (11th division Kenpachi)

Not gonna translate it, seems soo mugetsu level and soo hype =-=, don’t know if it’s fake or not. the guy says the reason Aizen abduct orihime it’s because he wants to seal Zaraki Kenpachi..I mean wtf? That doesn't make any sense. Although there’s also mention that シエン (shien?) creates a lot of Kenpachi doll, but internal organ of the doll itself is too hard, hence Kenpachi did not suffer major damage. During his battle with Azashiro, he sustain hundreds of ittokaso, still not much damage, even his ultimate attack living body fusion, kenpachi negate it with his reiatsu. Kenpachi then kendo-ed him.

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8th Kenpachi: Azashiro Soya (Part1)

-He is a character of extremely mild temperament. He doesn't like to commit himself to meaningless tasks and views shinigami as gears that control the soul balance. Due to such a personality, he detests Zaraki Kenpachi, who suppresses his own strength for his own leisure of enjoy fighting others, and refuses to accept him as a Kenpachi. He was put in Mugen, the prison where Aizen Sosuke is currently jailed at, for imprisonment due to his actions of engaging, "Plus-Modification Plan," a plan which involves the removal of an element vital to a plus' evolution into a hollow from pluses, against the will of C-46.

-The woman, who was imprisoned and escaped along with Azashiro from Mugen, is none other than the manifestation of Azashiro's zanpakuto, Urojakurou. She calls Azashiro by the name, "Ken."

-He heard all the SS' news from the prison. He knew of Aizen Sosuke's rebellion and expected his ambition be put to an end by the arrival of 0 squad.

-Originally, he was a noble proficient in the art of Kido. He is shown with an ability to cast 90's level of Kido and uses fighting style that centers around his Kido ability.

-His strength was tremendous to the point where he would comment haughtily, "That's it?," at the sight of the fight between Cien, whose level of reiatsu was comparable to that of Fullly-hollowified Ichigo, and Zaraki.

-He doesn't harbor any antagonistic feelings towards shinigami.

-He took on every captain-class individual present at the scene of his crime 250 years ago, and easily crushed them without breaking a sweat. Yamamoto, Unohana, Shunsui, and Ukitake were not among those defeated. He noticed the involvement of 0 squad in his case and surrendered himself at the mercy of shinigami.

-Just so that they'd keep the tradition of Kenpachi, Azashiro's VC got instantly promoted to the seat of 11th division captain. He was, of course, comparably weaker than Kenpachi's before him. He was slain by 10th Kenpachi, Kiganjou, who, in turn, had been cleaved down by Zaraki of the present.

-Azashiro's shikai, Urojakurou, holds the appearance of a regular, japanese katana. Due to the fact that it is always in its bankai, we cannot ascertain of its actual shikai ability. One thing we know of its shikai ability is that it can condense reishi unto its blade, thus, in its process of condensing reishi, creates a spear, "The Ultimate Spear," with destructive capabilities that far exceeds that of Sokyoku. At the moment of gaining his zanpakuto, Azashiro was enabled to invoke his bankai. For that reason, to this day, he doesn't know the release command of his shikai, Urojakurou.

-The name of his bankai has not been revealed, as with Kuruyashiki's. Its ability is the polymerization (融合) between any kind of material or living being and its master. Furthermore, it assimilates and pervades over the designated fusion material/subject. Its range reaches and is maintained at the circumference of SS.

P.S. I am cutting Azashiro's info. into two halves......It's too damn big......

8th Kenpachi: Azashiro Soya (Part 2)

-From the ability to attack its designated targets through air by creating blades out of the element to nullifying incoming enemy attacks by assimilating itself/its master into the air, its ability to polymerize gives it various benefits. (Like that of Tensa Zangetsu's full-body reiatsu condensation.) Due to the fact that it has fused itself with Seireitei, Azashiro can comprehend whatever event that goes on within that realm of his influence, hear conversations, and also teleport himself to where ever he would like within the range of Seireitei. In addition to its frightening abilities, it also grants of its master the ability to assert modification on any type of weapon or living being. Its near-omnipotent ability is comparable to that of Kyoka Suigetsu. (It is my own guesswork that Kyoka Suigetsu's bankai could have allowed Aizen to switch places with Hinamori during Arrancar Arc's one of final moments.)

-Thanks to the aforementioned ability, Azashiro was aware of events that surrounded Seireitei, even after his imprisonment in Mugen.

-It took Azashiro two full days to fully understand Kyoka Suigetsu's ability, Kanzen Saimin, via Complete Hypnosis. (Well, Aizen himself already told Azashiro that Kyoka Suigetsu would be rendered useless against him.)

-He uses the ability to forge blades out of air from the innards of mouth of opposing shinigami to cut off their tongues for the purpose of preventing them from shouting out the release commands of their zanpakuto. He also uses the ability to mercilessly dice through his foes without making a single motion.

-In the aspect of his defenses, all incoming attacks that are meant to harm him becomes harmless due to his fusion with the atmosphere of Seireitei. As opposed to thing that have measurable volume, such as Fire or Water, air has a near-infinite volume. Azashiro thus cannot be bound by any bakudo spell in existence.

-Although he had his zanpakuto in his possession, no one could see the form of his zanpakuto. Even at the request made by C-46, he simply told them, "I already have it taken out--" the reason being his zanpakuto becomes invisible upon fusing with air.

-By manifesting the hands and lips of his false bodies within the battlefield, he is made enabled to cast tens to hundreds of high class Kido such as "Ittou Katsou" or "Kurohitsugi." (He had cast 50 Kurohitsugi, via Black Coffin (Aizen's favorite 90's spell), to attack Zaraki.)

-One of Urojakurou's abilities, Live-Flesh-Fusion, if so targets a living being, the being subjected to the said ability faces extreme bodily rejection and is dealt numerous damage throughout its body. Kuruyashiki was the first subject for Azashiro to use this ability against.

-There're certain "prices" (代償) for being able to possess such great abilities, however:

1. If even slightly affected by abilities such as Ayasegawa Yumichika's shikai or a Quincy's most basic ability to absorb/gather reishi, Azashiro takes enormous rate of damage unto itself. (I personally believe this to be reason why Azashiro had refrained himself from using his zanpakuto's special abilities against Ukitake; Ukitake's Sogyo no Kotowari has the ability to absorb attacks.)

2. It takes Azashiro over a year of time to fuse himself with Seireitei, once he breaks his polymerization with the said realm.

3. While he is in the state of fusion, Azashiro's bodily specs fall sharply.

-When he un-did his fusion with Seireitei and formed a spear with destructiveness far surpassing that of Sokyoku, and Kenpachi took off his eye-patch and countered Azashiro's attack with his Kendo, shinigami who were present within Seireitei could no longer feel neither sides' reiatsu.

-After his final fight with Zaraki, Azashiro manages to retain his life. He, once again, is imprisoned in Mugen. There, he trains himself in his inner world, via Jinzen. He swears to Aizen that the next time they cross paths, he will be much stronger than before.

11th Kenpachi: Zaraki Kenpachi

-Aizen judged Zaraki's strength to be so enormous that he had to trap him inside HM in order for him to avoid fighting Zaraki prior to his acquirement of immortal body.

-Zaraki has a limit imposed on his power level--he, due to his lack of an appropriate skill to measure another's reiatsu, intentionally takes a hit from his foe to instinctively adjust his own reiatsu level to the point where both his foe and Zaraki himself would have a chance to either kill or be killed (by) another. The reason as to why he had lost his fight with Ichigo was that Ichigo's last power-up had allowed Ichigo to surpass the maxed-out level of Zaraki's reiatsu in his limited state. By the time Zaraki faced Nnoitra, he had re-adjusted his power level to suit that of Nnoitra's on an instinct.

-Aizen believed that Azashiro's chances of winning against Zaraki in a fight would be as low as 10%, and Aizen believes Azashiro has that much chances of winning against Zaraki for he considers Azashiro as a strong individual.

-He had reached a level of might, where, in the middle stage of his fight with Azashiro, getting himself hit by several hundreds of Itto Katsou spell dealt him only the slightest damage one could expect for one to take. (Another interesting thing to take a note of is that Zaraki had broke 50 Kurohitsugi spells with his reiatsu alone.) Also, he had cut down Azashiro, who had fused with air, the air in existence; Azashiro was supposed to be untouchable in the said state. (There's an explanation for that.....) He had also cancelled out Living-Flesh-Fusion technique with his reiatsu alone.

-The shinigami who had participated themselves in witnessing the battle between the former Kenpachi and the current Kenpachi of the 11th division were 200 shinigami from 11th division. In order to properly reinstate the title, "Kenpachi," Genryusai gave an order to Zaraki to defeat Azashiro in front of 200 squad members. And because Genryusai knew how Zaraki's strength functions, he never thought of a result where Zaraki would lose the battle.

-After wrapping up the fights he had with Azashiro and Cien, Kenpachi became unable to feel the heights of his own powers. For that reason, he had Shinigami Research and Development Institute to make him a new eye-patch, the one that absorbs 10 times as much reiatsu than the one he had worn before his fight with Azashiro and Cien.

Cien Grantz (シエンㆍグランツ)

-He is the Arrancar #100. His number has been signified under his left eye-ball.

-Cien is a chunk of reishi, formed by the threads of negaccion, which had contained haze memories and knowledge of Szayel, of Roka Palamia. Cien himself unconsciously avoided the possibility of himself being a fake and believed himself to be the real Szayel before learning the truth by Mayuri. Even after finding out the truth about himself, he had ordered Privaron Espada, Arrancar #102, Pikkaro to gather the data Szayel had abandoned for the purpose of making himself a "perfect existence." He then preys upon Roka for her threads of negaccion. After he found out the fact that he wasn't Szayel, he grew an ego and feelings unique to himself--ultimately ending up as a battle maniac, who believes that the life where one finds himself fighting to scrap off the life off of his opponent is the one that's truly worthwhile, like Zaraki Kenpachi.

-At the time of past Espada consisting of 7 core members, Szayel was its 0 Espada. Prior to him becoming an arrancar, Szayel was a VL-class Menos. Ilforte Grantz was an element Szayel had separated from himself in order to make himself a perfect existence. In a way, the existence of Ilforte Grantz and Szayel is like that of Starrk and Lilynette. In the process of separating Ilforte from his soul, Szayel faced regression from a VL-class arrancar to adjuchas-class arrancar. Due to the loss of his powers as a warrior, Szayel found himself, at one time, kicked out from Espada and became a Privaron Espada. He, afterwards, became 8th Espada by solely relying on his prowess as a scientist. Before his death as a human, Szayel was an alchemist, who had repeatedly performed grotesque human-body procedures.

-When he was alive as a human, he and Ilforte were actual brothers. After their consequential deaths, Szayel preyed upon his brother's soul as his first meal as a hollow. So, to begin with, there wasn't an existence known as "Ilforte Grantz." Szayel, who had evolved into both a VL-class Menos and a Cero-Espada, in order for him to become a perfect existence, created another existence separate from himself by gathering his potential as a warrior and other parts of him with his brother's soul as a base, resulting in what is known as "Ilforte Grantz." Szayel's brother, as a human, was a leading general of a huge army. He had supplied Szayel, the alchemist, with defeated soldiers as experiments.

-Although Cien's sword release is the same as with Szayel's, his combat capacity had far exceeded that of original's (Szayel's resurrected form as an Octava Espada, not his original form as a VL-class arrancar.) through the process of having Piroka to gather data abandoned by Szayel. After he had fully gathered the abandoned data, the wings on his back transform into a thing that resembles butterflies with eye-balls. The number that's been seared onto his left eye-ball also changes from "100" to "0." Cien's fully-powered form has strength comparable to that of Szayel in his prime as a Cero-Espada. Of course, the form's strength, by far, surpasses that of the current Cero Espada, Yammy.

-Cien, in his final form, can shoot Gran Ray Cero's from his tentacles, mouth, and both of his hands. It is also possible for him to shoot the said technique multiple times from all of the aforementioned reiatsu-focusing points.

-He is an incomplete existence, thus he is unstable in his nature. In order for him to become a stable existence, it is required for him to devour Szayel's main body, which can be currently located in Hell. So, in his current state, his body corrodes if he fights too hard.

-According to Ishida Uryuu's analysis of Cien's reiatsu level, it is comparable to that of Fully-hollowified Ichigo.

-Cien Grantz stated that it would be possible for Zaraki Kenpachi of back then to be capable of cleaving Barragan's respira with a swing of his sword. He also remarked that Starrk's Colmizzo (The swords he had summoned to block Shunsui's hack-and-slash attacks.) would not reach the innards of Zaraki's body. Cien once made an attempt to crush Zaraki's internal organs through the techniques Szayel had showcased to torment Renji, and Ishida, but failed; Zaraki's reiatsu and his existence had been heightened to the point where his powers would no longer affect him, thus Zaraki's organs, at the time, were apparently too hard for even of Cien's level of power to crush.

Lunar Snippets

Shinji met with Hinamori in the 4th division's infirmary. They introduced each other and get to know each other through their dealings with Aizen. Hinamori said she is useless and how everyone is forgetting her but Shinji retorted back by saying everyone cared for her, that's why she is resting and they're working outside there. Hinamori still referred Aizen as 'Aizen-taichou' during the conversation and Shinji noticed this. She is hopeless so he wanted to try his best to snap her out of it. He then asked her to be his subordinate, much to Hinamori's surprise, he said they should work together to bring prosper to the 5th division. Days went by, Hinamori made an excellent recovery and she worked hard as Shinji's newest vice-captain. The way she worked though, reminded Shinji of Aizen. Hinamori felt emotional with that statement. They guessed, perhaps, there was sincerity in Aizen than they would have thought. They thought it was partly their mistake not to know Aizen for who he is. Long story short, at the end of their story, Hinamori finally uttered the phrase, 'Yes, Captain Hirako' and finally replaced 'Yes, Captain Aizen' as they walked out of the scene. That page ended with a simple phrase yet the impact is huge as my friend said. He said the impact would be bigger if you read it in Japanese.

As many would have thought, Hisagi is very happy. He never smiled this much during his time as a vice-captain. They talked and their chemistry together is high earning jealousy from Mashiro. Kensei did notice his tattoo silently. He also isn't bothered with the Seireitei News so Hisagi still remained as the head editor of that organisation. 9th division still leads the editorial in Seireitei. At the ending though, as Hisagi watched his new captain from his back, he silently reminded himself: "Those who do not fear their own strength, can never hold their weapons". His story ended with him visiting Tousen's grave or to be precise, Tousen's friend's grave where Suzumushi is placed.

Kira was reluctant at first with this newly appointed captain. Rose corrected him that he simply gained his former position in the Gotei 13. Kira had a monologue how the Captain-commander has changed. He is glad. They had a good talk and Kira was surprised, to see a hidden spot in the captain's office where Rose had hidden his violin. He said that his former vice-captain, Iba Chikane, hated his music so he had to hide his musical instrument. He smiled sadly and wondered where she is right now. She is the one that gave him the push to go on being the captain for the 3rd division back then. He took his hidden violin and melody chimed from his violin. Rose said that, even though he might be a new face to Kira and most of his subordinates, he will try his best to be their captain. Kira then asked Rose, will he join the 3rd division's inner festival where they gather the persimmons to make dried persimmons from a single persimmon tree at the backyard and he said yes. Kira is delighted, for he and the 3rd division's only memory of Gin is of that single persimmon tree. He thanked Rose for that. Rose can only smile in the end and concluded Kira is his new muse.

This novel ties in how the Fullbring Arc is about Chad. Remember his poem about not wanting to use his strength for brute? Now he's attending boxing class just to protect Ichigo and the town. In a sense since he knows he's not worth to protect him with that kind of strength he had.

● Happy news, Urahara/Yoruichi/Tessai a.k.a UraYoruSsai's ban has been lifted along with the Vizards. They're now accepted back into their homeland. Most of the characters rejoiced except Hiyori who is always hot-tempered. My friend said it's quite in-character of her, he bet she's happy inside as well.

● Yamamoto has the word/power within the new C46 because in between finding new members to replace the dead and old corrupted ones, Yamamoto held the authority over the whole of Soul Society for a while since it took some time to find the suitable members. He was the one that gave the word to lift the Exiled including the Vizards' bans. He said it was Aizen's doings that made them guilty.

● Urahara felt emotional, seriously emotional when Yamamoto recognised him when he came bringing the Spirit Sword He also said something along the lines of finally being able to breath after forgetting it for so long he has been drowned within the word 'exiled'.

● Hacchi stayed in Karakura to control or 'cleaning' the huge residual barrier left after FKT battle.

● Lisa and Mashiro often went in and out of Soul Society. Mashiro became Soul Society's prominent reporter after rejecting her position as the vice-captain from Hisagi. Hisagi is a try-hard to impress his idol. It was noted by Mashiro.

● Love simply couldn't careless about going back to Soul Society but mostly it was because he couldn't read JUMP anymore in that dusty old place.

● Lisa has a house in Rukongai after her business selling porn magazine boomed. It was called 'Palace of Porn' or something. But she rarely stays in it and opt to live in the Living World.

● Hiyori didn't want to go back simply because she hates Shinigami.


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